4.2.2 Context and my FMP

A) My FMP and media regulation


Which restrictions will you face when producing and publishing your audio / audio-visual work and in relation to FMP photography?

For my FMP, if I made a video and decided to upload it to YouTube, I would have to follow the YouTube guidelines on age-restricted content. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802167?hl=en-GB

These restrictions are:

I need to do this as my magazine may be read by people under the age of 18.



For my FMP I am going to use my own photography and also other peoples photography. If this was for public publication, I would have to ask for permission to use their photo.

As with all copyright work, you should first obtain permission from the copyright owner before you use someone else’s work.You should also be prepared to pay a fee, as many photographers will charge you for using their work.

Only the copyright owner, (or his/her authorised representative), can give permission, so you should contact the photographer, or his/her company, directly for consent. For images published on the Internet, it is typical to contact the webmaster of the site in the first instance, unless the site provides contact details for the owner of the images.

The copyright owner has no obligation to allow you to use their work, and can refuse permission for any reason.

This means that I can not use someone else image without them giving me permission to use and in some cases paid the copyright holder for the use of the image.


B) Magazines and Social media

How do magazine publishers use social media to engage with their audiences?

FourFourTwo uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more social medias.

This is an example of the kind of things this magazine posts on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 13.32.39

This is successful for FourFourTwo as they have gained a lot of likes and followers on Facebook. Also, they have a lot of people commenting on their posts and they can reply to these comments super easily. This also creates more sales and clicks for the magazine as it teases articles that will be in the magazine and intrigues followers and persuades them to buy it or view their website.

How would you use social media to attract readers to your print and online magazine?

Print and Online: Tease articles that will be in the magazine and promote all exclusives. I would also advertise my content and magazine. I would also link to the magazines website and a way to buy the magazine.

I may also ask users for ideas, put out polls, questionnaires and ask for feedback in the comments section.


C) Attracting an audience

The problem for the online versions is that, whilst readers of a print magazine will often read it cover to cover, not many read every single article in an online version of the magazine.

Magazine publishers use the following strategies to attract readers to their online version:

  • Online-only multimedia content e.g. blogs, podcasts, video
  • Offering back issue content
  • Search facility

What will you do to attract your readers to the online version of your magazine?

My online magazine will offer multimedia content which will be its USP as it will not feature in the print magazine.

I would also have links to social media, search facilities and back issue content.


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