FMP- Proposal

Centre Name and Number: The Sheffield College, 36510

Candidate Name and Number: Ryan-Lee Masser, Student ID: 150959, ULN: 2628745622

Unit: Unit 8- Final Major Project

Pathway: Level 3 Journalism and Social Media Communication


I have learnt about the key features of writing like a journalist, which include: keeping it simple and abide by the key features of certain types of journalistic writing,  how to produce an interactive piece of journalistic writing which included a poster with hyperlinks, how to produce video and audio, how to change exposure- ISO, Aperture and depth of field, whilst also learning how to manipulate and edit photos.

Project Concept

Magazine Name: ‘Xtra Time’

The purpose of my content is to inform and update football fans on what is happening in the sport.

Magazine Genre: Sport, specifically football

My target audience, which will be primarily male football fans, under 30, therefore similar to 442 magazine although mine will target C2DE’s.

The style of XtraTime will be informal using masculine colours. The look of the magazine is very professional but the writing style is informal which is suited to the target audience.

This is soft journalism as it isn’t hard hitting news. I will produce 2 print articles and a multimedia piece

The tone of my FMP will have a balance of formality and informality as the target audience is quite wide and therefore some aspects will be formal and others rather informal.

I’ll create an interactive feature article about the way in which money has changed football.

To make the article interactive I will include a link to a podcast that will be done with my dad who is within the target audience and has been a fan of football for years. I’ll also include links to social media accounts, I’ll create which includes: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email.

my print article will be a Q&A with Billy-Lee Dixon in which I’ll discuss his route into the sport, the origin of the sport and where he thinks the sport will head in the future.


This is a summary of research I have done for my FMP.


I’ll reflect upon my work and make changes where necessary and will document it in my production diary. I’ll critically analyse my final product and detail how it could have been better and what went well.


action plan



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