Tuesday 6th February- FMP Context Research

FourFour2 Magazine:

What Is the Genre? The genre of this magazine is Sport.

Which topics are covered? The topics covered in this magazine may vary but is always to do with Football.

Who Is The Target Audience?


• 92% of audience is male

• 59% aged under 30

• 64% play football more than once per week

• 39% have a personal annual income of $100,000+

These are ABC1’s

What Is The House Style Of The Magazine? The style of this magazine is fairly informal but serious with the colours and stories. The look of the magazine is very professional but the writing style is rather informal which is suited to the target audience.

Feature Article Analysis:


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 13.26.37.png

  • The writer has used proffesional feature writing conventions in this article, which include the 5 W’s.
  • The news value of this story are: recency as it published today. It also has currency as Antonio Conte’s job has been under scrutinity for a while and there has been articles about it. It also has proximity as it is in the uk.  It also has Human Interest as it is about a certain person. Another value it has is elite persons as it involves a famous person. Predictabilty is also a value this story has because people have become used to chelsea sacking their managers.
  • This article appeals to the target audience as the font used is a amsculine font which appeals to the target audience as the target audience is young to middle aged men. Images have also been used to appeal to the target audience as it is an image of Antonio Conte in a press conference, which appeals to the taget audience as the target audience is interested in football.

4 or more goals

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 13.27.57.png

  • The writer has used the proffesional conventions of feature writing, which includes a dropped intro.
  • The news values of this story include: recency as it was published today.
  • The font used appeals to the target audience as it is a masculine font and the target audience is prodominently male. Images have also been used to appeal to the target audience as the image is of in game celebration which appeals to the target audience as the target audience is interested in football.

Wednesday 7th February- FMP Concept


For my project I will creating an interactive feature article about the way in which money has changed football. It will include how the game was before the big financial takeovers of all the big clubs and when player transfers were a lot cheaper. It will also include what the game is like now, after the big financial takeovers and how the money has affected ‘the beautiful game’

To make the article interactive I will include a link to a podcast I will be creating in which I discuss how money has changed the face of the game and also the ins and outs of the game. This podcast will be done with my dad who is within the target audience and also was watching football and has been a fan of football since before money became a huge factor in it.

I will also be creating an article for the print version of the same magazine that will be about Billy-Lee Dixon who was the FA Disability footballer of the year 2016.

Magazine Name: The name of my magazine is ‘XtraTime’

Magazine Genre: The genre of my magazine will be Sport, specifically football

Target Audience: My target audience is 15-60 year olds (young to middle aged adults) who are fans of football.

Friday 9th February- FMP Powerpoint Presentation

My FMP and media regulation

Which restrictions will you face when producing and publishing your audio / audio-visual work and in relation to FMP photography?

For my FMP, if I made a video and decided to upload it to YouTube, I would have to follow the YouTube guidelines on age-restricted content.

8/6/18- On my magazines twitter I posted a poll in which I asked what the best piece of business LFC have done this summer. Nabil Fekir has recently passed his medical and has signed a contract with the club but has not yet had an official announcement from the club. I therefore decided to leave him out of the poll as I cannot submit false information as until the club announce him, he is not a Liverpool player officially. I will post an updated poll tomorrow as an announcement is expected this afternoon.

These restrictions are:

I need to do this as my magazine may be read by people under the age of 18.

For my FMP I am going to use my own photography and also other peoples photography. If this was for public publication, I would have to ask for permission to use their photo.

As with all copyright work, you should first obtain permission from the copyright owner before you use someone else’s work.You should also be prepared to pay a fee, as many photographers will charge you for using their work.

Only the copyright owner, (or his/her authorised representative), can give permission, so you should contact the photographer, or his/her company, directly for consent. For images published on the Internet, it is typical to contact the webmaster of the site in the first instance, unless the site provides contact details for the owner of the images.

The copyright owner has no obligation to allow you to use their work, and can refuse permission for any reason.

This means that I can not use someone else image without them giving me permission to use and in some cases paid the copyright holder for the use of the image.


Magazines and Social media

How do magazine publishers use social media to engage with their audiences?

FourFourTwo uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more social medias.

This is an example of the kind of things this magazine posts on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 13.32.39

This is successful for FourFourTwo as they have gained a lot of likes and followers on Facebook. Also, they have a lot of people commenting on their posts and they can reply to these comments super easily. This also creates more sales and clicks for the magazine as it teases articles that will be in the magazine and intrigues followers and persuades them to buy it or view their website.

How would you use social media to attract readers to your print and online magazine?

Print and Online: Tease articles that will be in the magazine and promote all exclusives. I would also advertise my content and magazine. I would also link to the magazines website and a way to buy the magazine.

I may also ask users for ideas, put out polls, questionnaires and ask for feedback in the comments section.


Attracting an audience

The problem for the online versions is that, whilst readers of a print magazine will often read it cover to cover, not many read every single article in an online version of the magazine.

Magazine publishers use the following strategies to attract readers to their online version:

  • Online-only multimedia content e.g. blogs, podcasts, video
  • Offering back issue content
  • Search facility

What will you do to attract your readers to the online version of your magazine?

My online magazine will offer multimedia content which will be its USP as it will not feature in the print magazine.

I would also have links to social media, search facilities and back issue content.

How I stuck to IPSO’s editor’s codes and relevant laws

I stuck to these codes by not affecting anyones reputation (liable) and dint doorstep, etc.

How I used the rules of feature writing

In both my online and print article, I stuck to the codes and conventions by using the 5 W’s and sticking to 1 sentence per paragraph.


My presentation went well and I received some good feedback. It has given me some ideas as to what pictures I can take which include images of the Sheffield Wednesday and united club stores and also grounds to show refurbishment.

My FMP target audience:


Age: Primary: 16-24 Secondary: older than 24

Gender: Primary: Males Secondary: females

Social-econoic status: Primary: C2DE Secondary: ABC1


Billy- 18 years old, Part time worker, plays football every Sunday for a 5-A-Side team, male.

W/c 22nd February


I am analysing this TalkSport podcast

This Podcast conforms to the conventions of a podcast as it is quite informal and and gives us information within it. Also, it has music as an introduction. The music is upbeat and fast paced, meaning that it gives the podcast an upbeat and positive feel. The host and guest are upbeat and positive as it is about a positive topic. The host introduced himself and the guests. There is no music during the content of the podcast, which conforms to the conventions.

My Podcast

My podcast conforms to these conventions mostly as I introduce myself and my guest. It also included the information I wanted to include (answer from guest after my questions). It is also quite informal and had no music during the content. However, I didn’t include music as an introduction. This was due to watching a podcast from YouTuber Brian (TheTrueGeordie) and wanted to make it similar to both.

I planned to do this with my dad because he is very knowledgeable of the game and has been following it since a child (1970’s). I also researched what a podcast is and listened to talk sport podcasts and Some podcasts from YouTuber Brian (TheTrueGeordie) in order to make sure I could make my podcast as professional as possible. I didn’t plan specific questions as I wanted it to sound as natural as possible. I did however plan the topics I would speak about. To edit my podcast, I used Cubase 8 as it is relatively simple to use whilst giving me a lot of options to make my podcast sound as professional as possible and as high quality as possible. To record my podcast, I setup 2 microphones (1 for me and One for Mick) and recorded it straight into the editing software (cubase 8). If me or Mick made any mistakes, I cut where the mistake was and rerecorded that part of the podcast.

W/c 19th March 2018

Print Article

I have chosen a 442 article to inspire my article.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 14.16.09.png

This article conforms to the conventions of a traditional sports magazine article as it has a page just for the photo and uses masculine fonts to appeal to the target audience of young males. It also includes quotes from the player the article is about from an interview with that player. It also includes information sourced from elsewhere whether that be his own or someone else’s. I chose this article because I am producing one that has similar qualities to this as it is about 1 single player but also has its differences, therefore it will be somewhat unique.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 10.56.51.png

To design my article, I payed close attention to this articles design as I wanted mine to be similar. I Used copyright free images to make the shapes that are seen on it. I used the same format (Q&A) to write my article. I took similar images to the 442 article of Billy and used them in the same way. I have also used a rounded rectangle to make the shape with a quote on in the middle. The colour scheme on the 442 article was green, but I changed it to dark red for mine. One of my pictures had a little blotch on bills right arm as I could not fix this in photoshop. Overall, I believe my article is to a good standard as I have stuck to the codes and conventions of article writing, EG: 1 sentence per paragraph etc. However, it could’ve been better as my photos were a little blurry. I looked at my images very closely to determine which images would be the best for the article. i settled on these images as they weren’t blurry and worked very well with the design of the article. they are also similar style to the 442 article i took my inspiration from. To edit these photos, i added a white background and erased the original background. i used the clone stamp tool to to amend any places where Billy had been taken out in the process of erasing the background due to the angle of the photo and shadows. For the image on the right page, I used a photo of billy ready to pass a football to show that he is playing football and clarify this. This is an environmental portrait.

Why I Interviewed Billy

I interviewed billy for several reasons. One of those reason being that my article is about Billy and therefore he would give me the most accurate information as he is who I am writing about. Also, I needed his opinion and personal experience with in the sport to contribute to my article.

When I Did The Interview

I did the interview on the week commencing 15 march.

How I Did The Interview

I wrote the questions down in the ‘notes’ app on my phone and gave him my phone so he could write the answers down next to the questions. I did it this way to save time as I was  running slightly behind schedule. I also decided to do it this way as he preferred to do it this way and it allowed no information to be lost.

Where I Did The Interview

I did this interview at billy’s gym as not was a place where he was in the mindset of being involved in the sport and it is a place that allowed for easy meet up.

Evaluation Of Interview

To prepare for this interview, I first contacted Billy to ask if I could interview him. After this, I prepared questions to ask Billy, after we’d agreed when and where we would do the interview. I decided to use a format in which I would present Billy with the questions on a notes application on my phone and he would answer the question below. I was originally going to record my interview but decided against it as there was too much background noise in the location. I could have moved Billy to a different location, however conducting the interview in the way I decided to was a better option for both of us.

How Well Did The Interview Go?

The interview I did with Billy went well as got information I required to write my article. Also, it was easy meet up and there was no hiccups whilst conducting the interview. I do Believe however, that I could have prepared a little better as I did not acquire all information essential to my article and had to ask Billy for more via SnapChat message. Overall, I believe that I could’ve conducted the interview in a more efficient way to make it more successful, but it was successful enough to be sufficient.

Online Article

For the design of my article, I used a mixture of articles as inspiration. these articles were a 442 article and an article from the Mancunion.

My Article

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 14.57.56

In my article, I used the design of linking social media accounts using images of logos of this social medias like the 442 article. I also chose the title of my article to be a question and answered the question as my article, something that both of these articles did. after feedback that told me to add colour to my article, I looked at the same 442 article once again and designed the top of my article to look a little like their website/article but changed the colour scheme from black and red to give it some uniqueness. My colour scheme is blue and red. I didn’t change any red because it works well with the magazine name and social media accounts for logos. It also has connotations of Love and passion, which comes with football through players having a love and passion for the game a long with fans, managers and a lot of other people involved in the sport, so I decided to make it the colour scheme of my entire magazine. The design of the bottom of my article was inspired by 442 where they have “Related Stories” but I changed mine to related articles and made them across one line rather than 1 per line. For my interview, I use quotes from my podcast which I have spoken about earlier on in my production diary.

The content of my article includes:

How money has changed football

  • Wembley Sale
  • UCL Final Ticket Allocation
  • sponsorship- the increase
  • Transfer Fees and Player wages

The impact on ordinary fans

Images from SWFC club store


1 Minute news

As an extra piece of interactive material in the form of a short news story. I recorded myself presenting and got an interview from an arsenal fan as the topic was the new gunners manager Unai Emery. During the editing I came across a few problems. I had to zoom in on myself as the camera was too far out and it didn’t look professional enough. I did this by clicking on the clips required and pressing the transform tool. I then cropped my screen so that it was closer in one me. I also had a problem with background noise, specifically wind. I managed to reduce this slightly by using an EQ of loudness and background noise reduction, however there is still wind noise that I cannot eradicate as it has effected Adams voice.


Author Unknown, Initials Unknown, 16 March 2018, 2018 UEFA Champions League final ticket sales launched,, Retrieved from on 9 May 2018

Cooper, SC, 12 February 2018, Has Money Taken The Love Out Of Football, The Mancunion, Retrieved from     on 11 May 2018

Haugstad, TH, 9 February 2018, Why Antonio Isn’t To Blame For The Problems Chelsea Are Facing, FourFourTwo, Retrieved from on 9 February 2018

Unknown Author, Initials Unknown, Date Unkown, Media pack 442, FourFourTwo, Retrieved from on 20/4/18
Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 16.05.06.png

I have received some feedback on my work and will now respond to any I haven’t already. Shaw told me to change the font as it looks “basic”, however I chose this font because of this quality as this is the type of font required for football magazines. I was told by both that the layout is good. I changed my article slightly after this but not from what my feedback said (screenshot from my article analysis) as I thought it would look better with an image of the tweet I quoted rather than linking to the quote. I have linked to the tweet from the image. I have also added some quotes from the podcast I recorded with Mick Masser.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 15.51.23.png

After I had acted upon feedback, I received further feedback. The image above shows the work I did to act upon the first set of feedback and the feedback I received on this.

Ewan told me that it had a niece design, good use of colour and high quality photos. He also told me that they are interesting stories and are to the point. To improve my article he said that I could add a more extensive ending. I disagree with this however as it was simply to answer the question and give the reader a definitive answer.

Willtold me that the design is very appealing due to my indesign skills. He told me that the editing skills for my online article were not as good and makes it less appealing. I disagree with this statement however as I chose that design specifically to make it look as though it is on a website and the website design was inspired by FourFourTwo.

Joe told me that both articles are great read and of high quality. He also told me that the design is visually pleasing. He said that the name of the magazine is very imaginative. He said that his only criticism was the photoshop editing skills which I agree with. However, these cannot be improved as I have done the best I can with the images I took.

Final Reflective Statement


10 thoughts on “FMP PRODUCTION DIARY

Add yours

  1. Ryan, I suggest you show some planning for the podcast you recorded. Evidence some research on what a podcast is – purpose, codes and conventions. Maybe you could show that you analysed a podcast before you recorded your own? Also Show which questions you planned to ask. Also discuss which technology you used. You should also evaluate your podcast in your production diary. Do you think it went well? Are there aspects of it that could be better?


  2. Ryan, you have not taken notice of my previous comment. You are still not using the production diary. Last entry 22nd Feb?! You will not pass the FMP unless you start recording what you are doing in your production diary. You are not evidencing any of the work you are supposed to – what research you are doing, why you are making the decisions you are making, analysis work you are doing, etc.


  3. Not coverlids. The text on the front of magazines designed to attract the reader to the magazine are called coverlines. I’m hoping you are going to be developing your analysis of the Four Four two front cover. Yes it has a masthead, pictures, coverlines and colours but you need to discuss the design and content of these features and purpose of them in more detail.


  4. You have evaluated your podcast very briefly. You could discussed how you could have improved on what you produced.. I suggested you do that on March 9th.
    Still no discussion of your interview with Billy as I suggested on March 22nd.

    YOUR LAST ENTRY WAS 12 DAYS AGO! You must have done something for your FMP in theat time that you could write about. You are supposed to be using the produiction diary to document the process i.e. what you are doing, your research findings, your evaluations of yourself and your activities, etc.


  5. This production diary needs to be much better to pass. Where is your discussion on how you put together your InDesign article? There are no screenshots and explanations of the design and layout and format and photographs you used. You need to be discussing your decisions and EVALUATING your performance. You have not discussed how / when / where / why you interviewed Billy-Lee dixon and how you planned the interview and your evaluation of your interviewing skills. I suggest you read my previous comments as well.


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