6. 3.1 Analyse the effectiveness of solutions to a visual-based problem in creative media production.

For this unit I produced a short documentary (max 2 minutes) about 5-A-Side Football. In this post I’ll be evaluating how I set about making it which includes: research, planning, gathering of shots, how I setup my interview and finally edited the documentary. I will also be analysing how well I managed my time and and how I overcame difficulties I faced during the process.


I planned to create a short documentary about 5-A-Side Football. I started by researching the origins of the game to gather information to include in my documentary. I story boarded my documentary shot by shot and included how long each shot would be with transitions between each shot. I could have planned it better than I did as when it came to shooting, I ran into a few problems which included: not thinking about the conditions for my interview (background noise) and collecting my shots through the metal fence around the pitch.Despite anticipating this being a problem i didn’t think that it would be as much of a problem as it turned out to be as i expected to get the tripod close enough to fit the lens through the gaps in the fence, but using my Iphone, the lens inst long enough to fit.

How I gathered my Shots

To gather my shots I used a tripod and my Iphone to record them. I arrived at the facility a couple of hours before the kick-off of the first games of the night to gather shots of the pitch while it was empty for the start of my documentary. I then waited till kick-off and gathered shots of the teams playing. I planned to use a tripod for the footage of the game too, but I encountered a problem in which the metal fencing around the pitch was in shot.

How I Setup My Interview

I setup my interview in front of a brick wall inside the facility next to the managers office so that it had a background that didn’t distract viewers from the interviewee and interview overall. I encountered a problem with background noise however as there was a speaker that was playing a radio station through it and a couple of players walking past to go out to the pitch.

Editing Of My Documentary

To edit my documentary I used editing software called ‘FinalCut’ to piece together the clips i had shot and add my voice over. I changed the decibel levels of my clips so that there was still calls from players and the communication of the players included but did not take away from the facts my voice over was saying. To reduce the decibel level of my clips I detached the audio from the visuals to separately edit the audio clips within the visual clips. i also lowered the decibel level of my interview as the interviewee was too loud in comparison to the rest of the audio. I also cut out the questions i asked the interviewee and replaced them with a screen in which the questions were in text form on a black screen faded into the answer. however I had a problem in which I couldn’t add text. I later figured out how to do it. I also Added free to use background music to add effect to my documentary. I used two different free to use background tracks. At the start it was a dramatic track to compliment the shots I had and then used a standard documentary track for the rest. I reduced the decibel level for the parts that included my voice over and the interview.

Did It Reach My Target Audience?

I believe that it did reach my target audience as my target audience was young adults who play 5-A-Side Football and gave them knowledge of the origins of the game and visuals of the game being played.

How I managed My Time

Overall, I believe that I didn’t manage my time well enough as I finished my documentary just before the deadline when I had plenty of opportunities to get it finished earlier. I could’ve managed my time better and therefore would have finished well before the deadline and would’ve had time to make a few improvements to my final copy of my documentary.

How I Overcame Problems I Encountered

Metal Fencing Around The Pitch

I overcame this problem by not using the tripod and instead resting my phone on the fence in a position that allowed only the game on the pitch to be picked up by the lens rather than the fence included also. This meant that my shots were of slightly less quality than I first envisioned but better than they would’ve been with the problem I encountered.

Background Noise For Interview

I had an issue with background noise whilst trying to conduct my interview due to people walking past to go out onto the pitches and a speaker playing the radio. I overcame these problems by asking the manger to turn the speaker off and waited for the games to start so that there would be no-one walking past. this worked and i conducted a very professional interview for my documentary.


I had a problem with the editing software in which i couldn’t add text to the clip but i later found out that I wasn’t using the correct method to do so and added it.




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