4.1.2, 4.1.3- Journalism Genres And News Values

In this report I will be discussing the codes and conventions and news values of specific examples of 4 different aspects of journalism and will compare the differences between these aspects. These aspects of journalism will be online news videos: Hard news video compared to lifestyle journalism video or compared to a photoessay. The second aspect will be Photojournalism: Newspaper front page image compared to an environmental portrait. The third aspect will be Audio Journalism: Radio News Bulletin compared to a Podcast. The fourth and final aspect I will discuss is Feature Article Analysis in which I will select an example article form a magazine targeting a young adult audience and analyse the extent in which it follows the generic codes and conventions of a magazine feature article. I will also discuss the news values of the article.


Online News

A hard News video is a video of news that is upto date and breaking news online in a video format. It is also based on facts and is presented very professionally. This would not come under the category classified by Donald Trump as ‘FAKE NEWS’. The BBC have some great examples of this on their news website. for example: US President Donald Trump has called for tougher libel laws. This is a very good example of a hard news video as it is presented very professionally and is based very much on fact as it shows Donald trump speaking about the issue. A news value that this video has is recency as this video was made and posted on the date of writing this. Another news value that this video is Elite nations/people as Donald Trump and the USA is the main components of the video

A lifestyle journalism video is a video that is more relaxed and designs more for entertainment rather than hard hitting news. Examples of these are YouTube videos such as: Blogs, Tutorials and other things. An example of this is an IPhone x review by buzzfeed. This is a lot more informal than the hard news video and is setup for softer news and information and to help people out rather than just inform. These videos are similar because they both present information to viewer.


A newspaper front cover image is an image that introduces the main story of the newspaper and is accompanied by a caption which matches the image.barrack NPFC This image is accompanied by a headline that introduces the story that the photo is for.

An environmental portrait is a photo that shows someone in their place of work. similar to Newspaper front cover, an environmental portrait will be accompanied by a caption. However an environmental portrait will only have a short story to it and is not worth a main story.

ep This is a good example of an environmental portrait as it shows the man in his place of work.

Audio Journalism

A radio bulletin is a quick 2 minute news flash which is suitable for the target audience of that radio station. Stories are placed in order of news value and the valuation of each story is based on its target audience. for example a radio 1 bulletin would be leaning more towards the informal side than formal side and the stories would be targeted at 15-29 year olds (young adults), whereas a radio 2 bulletin would be a lot more formal and targeted at middle aged people.  A radio bulletin will have a jingle at the start and end and will also have one between stories (not all stories but can be) and will also have embedded background music. The stories will be delivered in different tones depending on the story. If the story is a happy one then the delivery will be upbeat and if the story is a sad or distressing one then the delivery won’t be upbeat. My Bulletin

This is a good example of a news bulletin as I embedded background music, had a jingle at the beginning and end. I also chose my stories based on the news value for the target audience and my delivery was right for the stories I chose.

A podcast is a lot more informal and is based around being more social. A podcast will include things such as announcements of things the people or person involved is going to be doing in the coming weeks, months or years. They will also include conversations and just general chat rather than submitting news to the listener. Sidemen podcast 

This is a good example of a podcast as it includes general chat, is informal and includes announcements of things the group will be doing and march they will be bringing out. It also includes information on the things they will be doing and mercy they will be releasing and not just announcing it.

Feature article analysis

442 Feature Article

442 are a respected football news magazine who write articles on the latest transfer news and feature articles the sport too. A feature Article is different to a news article in many ways. A feature article would use a dropped intro which teases the reader as to what the article will be saying whereas a news article will just tell the reader instantly.

This is a good example of a feature article as it is perfect for the target audience as the magazine is a football one and this is a feature which gives the reader an idea of how Liverpool football club can compete in coming years. It has very good news value as it targets an audience of young adults who are interested in football and therefore the content of the article is just right for that audience.

It states Who (Liverpool Football Club), What (The next season of football and how Liverpool can challenge for the title) Where (United Kingdom) When (Next Season) and Why ( it states 5 reasons, the manager, the stability on and off the pitch, new transfers, smart transfer strategy and a quality youth development system which is linked to the stability.

It also includes quotes from the manager which backs up the article and also follows the rules of writing a feature article.“Right [player] before expensive,” he said last week after Philippe Coutinho’s departure”

It is also wrapped up very nicely by the sign off of “No wonder their is such optimism around Anfield right now.”

Overall, it is a very good example of a feature article.









































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