Unit 5- Radio Evaluation



This is an evaluation of my radio news bulletin that was targeted at a local audience (Sheffield) of 15-29 year olds. I used stories that would appeal to this local audience for a radio station called SoundRadio, which is a radio station similar to radio 1. I sourced my Stories mainly from BBC news and they were about Sheffield football clubs. I placed stories in order of news value. News value is how newsworthy a story is and how much value is placed on the story. I chose my stories and put them in this order: I started with a story about Sheffield United midfielder Paul Coutts’ injury, then I spoke about their Sheffield Wednesdays poor form, I continued by sharing the story of Sheffield Wednesday’s reserve goalkeeper cameron Dawson signing for Chesterfield on loan. My next story was Sheffield United’s recent slump in form which saw drop from 1st to 4th. I chose to place coutts’ injury first as I believe it has the most news value of the stories. I chose the order of my stories based on how much news value I believed they have.

My Radio Bulletin

Similarities To Radio 1

The similarities of my bulletin to a Radio 1 bulletin are:

My Bulletin is upbeat and informal. It also uses stories that the target audience will be interested in. I also included a music bed and jingle. The content for both mine and a Radio 1 bulletin was mainstream. Both were 2 minutes long.

Differences to Radio 1

The differences of my radio bulletin to a Radio 1 bulletin are:

My bulletin doesn’t include a jingle in-between stories. Also, My voice had the same emotion throughout and didn’t reflect the differences in the stories I chose. My target audience was local 20-30 year olds in Sheffield whereas Radio 1’s audience is the entirety of the uk. Radio 1 also included interviews for several stories whereas I only included an interview for one story.

Key rules to writing a radio script

Each Story must be short to ensure that the bulletin is no more than 2 minutes long. The language used must reflect the nature of the story. The script needs to be interesting in order to interest your audience.

How I Got My interview

I asked my friend if I could interview him and he agreed. I didn’t choose my location wisely as it was too windy and it drowned out the voice quite a lot.

I didn’t make any changes to my script after class feedback as I had already made the necessary changes previously.

Some of my script was recorded at different input levels and to overcome this I changed the decibel level from within audition editing software.

User Feedback:

User 1:

Voice at one point could be clearer.

Good background music.


User 2:

make back ground music quieter

speak louder- Can’t hear some sentences that you say

interviews are long, wind over powers some speech


good detail

add in more news stories… all about football

User 3:

bulletin was very fast paced and kept me interested however the music was slightly too loud meaning the content wasn’t very clear.Overall the news bulletin was radio one news worthy and captured my attention

To improve my bulletin I will take on board the feedback I have been given and can use a wider range/ more variety of stories. I can also shorten my interviews and conduct them in better surroundings in order for the voices to be clearer as there will be no wind. I can also rerecord my news stories in order to make my voice clearer by speaking louder and making my imbedded music quieter.


]BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw




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