Unit 5.1.2- Story Sourcing

News Value

News Value is always influenced by the target audience and the organisations agenda or bias. It places value on each story of how newsworthy and important they are. It is affected by urgency of a story, the amount of people that are affected, how recent the story is and the organisations brand also.

The audience for my stories is young adults (20-30) of male and female. this means that that I will be placing the story about Paul Coutts at the top of the list and will be the first story spoken about. The second story I will be talking about is Chris Wilders view on managing his boyhood club. The next story will be the transfer of Sheffield Wednesdays reserve goalkeeper to Chesterfield. I will then follow up with the 2 stories about United and Wednesdays next fixture. I have chosen this order because The fans of Sheffield united will want to hear about the injury of one their best players before hearing about their next fixture as all the fixtures are released at the start of the season and Coutts’ injury is more urgent and more recent. they would;d also like to hear about their managers opinion before their next fixture. the transfer of Wednesdays keeper is not as urgent because it doesn’t effect them as much as the stories about united effect their club. I have chosen the 2 about the fixtures as it can help put the teams season in to perspective for the fans and make them find out or realise what is at stake.

5 Stories


SUFC’s Paul Coutts out for season

Chesterfield sign owls keeper (Cameron Dawson) on emergency loan

Sheffield wed vs Norwich- must win

SUFC VS Bristol- need a win

Chris wilder on managing boyhood club



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