5.2.1 and 5.2.2- Radio Script, Vox Pops and Recording

How to Write A Radio Script

  • Follow the 5 Ws of news writing;
  • KISS – Keep it short and sweet;
  • Don’t use complicated words;
  • Keep punctuation simple;
  • Avoid abbreviations;
  • Write out hard-to-say words ‘as you say them’ (phonetically).


First Draft (no interview and will be edited)


Cue in:



Sheffield United midfielder Paul Coutts has been ruled out for the season after breaking his leg in the 3-1 league victory over Burton Albion. The central midfielders had a key role in instigating the clubs magical start to the season. Since losing the player through injury the club has slipped down to fourth in the table from top.


Interview clip.


Sheffield united boss Chris Wilder’s spoken out about managing his boyhood club. ADD CLIP OFF WILDER SPEAKING!



Sheffield Wednesday reserve Goalkeeper Cameron Dawson has signed on loan to Chesterfield in what’s described by the club as an emergency loan.


Struggling Sheffield Wednesday face Norwich in a must win league tie on Saturday evening. The canaries are also in a must win situation.

The Sheffield club sit in 12th in the table and need a win if they are to start a push for the playoff places.


Sheffield United face Bristol city in a must win game if they want to regain their superb form which saw them rocket to the top of league earlier in the season. The club have slipped to fourth in the table since the 3-1 victory over Burton Albion in November.


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