Unit 6- Task 1

This is a slideshow showing the range of people of Detroit. This is a good slideshow as it shows the diversity of the city. It is also good because it shows the levels of wealth within the city through the clothes that the people are wearing.

This slideshow tells you the stories of different youth members of society who have been forced to the streets through abusive or other means other than themselves. this has a voiceover of there own personal story and slow music which draws emotion from the viewer. This is a good slideshow as it is informative and tells a story.



This video informs you of farmers view on Brexit and therefore is good video as it is informative.



Foster video

This video isn’t very good as even though it informs that they received a text and that they will not cut off from a union and trade union, it doesn’t explain what the text is or what would happen if they did cut off.


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