Unit 1- Final Images



Sunsets over Hillsborough on unusually mild November afternoon in which temperatures rose to highs of 16 degrees centigrade.

To get this picture, I used a Nikon d300 and set a fast shutter speed and low ISO in order to decrease the exposure and let less light hit the sensor, making the image darker.

There is a lot of negative space in this image, which is required to capture the weather.

I have used the Clone Stamp Tool to remove 2 black dots that were on the camera lens.


Environmental Portrait


Local artist records track for new album.

To acquire this shot I set up a scene in which my dad sat in his studio infant of his microphone, guitar and speakers.

I used my mobile phone to take the picture. I don’t know what the settings of the camera on Apple iPhone 6 are.

I have used the Clone Stamp Tool to even out the background tones and cropped the image slightly to remove the glare from the window.


Sheffield Cover Photo


Sheffield’s most illustrious Football Club celebrates it’s 150 years anniversary.

To take this photo I walked from college to the stadium and stood across the road from it. I took this photo on my phone and therefore don’t know the camera settings.

I have cropped this image slightly from the bottom to increase the effect of the Lead-In lines.


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