Evaluation of journalistic writing techniques- Unit 3

For this unit I have produced several pieces of journalistic writing. These include: A news story, A personality profile, A feature article and A photojournalism story. As an extra I also completed an infographic on a job role in journalism.

Key Principles Of Journalistic Writing

Journalists write differently for for different types of journalism. For example, if a journalist is writing a news story they will use the four paragraph rule. It needs to to give all the information about the story and in a one sentence per paragraph basis. The first and second introduce the story to the reader. The third is a quote and the last paragraph wrap up the story. If a journalist is writing a feature article it needs to have a dropped intro to tease the reader and intrigue them into reading it.  The  second, third and fourth paragraph state the 5 w’s (who, what, where, when, why). The fifth and sixth paragraph are quotes and the seventh onward tells the persons story. The last paragraph rounds up the story. If a journalist is writing a photojournalism story, it is snappy and tells the story in around 100 words. it starts with a photo and underneath a 1 line caption that states what is occurring in the photo. It is written in present tense. you must use the same rules as the previous types of journalistic writing which includes: 1 sentence per paragraph, quote in the fourth paragraph and use of simple language.

What did I Do?

For my news story i wrote about an old couple who were robbed at gunpoint by teenagers from a press release given to me in lesson. No primary research was conducted for this as the story was made up for the purpose of the lesson and all the information required was included in the press release. to ensure accuracy, I read the press release a couple of times before starting my article and referred back to the press release while writing. I didn’t have a choice of the story I could write as it was a universal story that the whole class was required to write. I finished my story in the lesson, therefore meeting the deadline which was the end of the lesson. I applied the key features of journalistic writing by using 1 sentence per paragraph and putting the quotes in the  5th and 6th paragraphs. I also Used the 5 w’s within my 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraphs.

For my feature article I chose to write about Billy-Lee Dixon and his Cerebral Palsy football camps. I chose this because I had access to primary research and I am interested in football. For my primary research I interviewed Billy and asked him questions about the camps and how he started attending. For my secondary research I used google and found out more information about the camps and Cerebral Palsy football in general. I managed my time for this very well as I planned my research to give me enough time to analyse and type up what I found, which gave me enough time to fully write my feature with the requisite information to do so.

For my Photojournalism story I took a picture of another student taking a photo of flowers in the garden of the college with story being about that student taking a photo for her photojournalism story. my Photojournalism story could have been much better as I didn’t give myself enough time to capture a good enough image to write a decent story on. I met the deadline (only just) as I finished it on deadline day but it was slightly rushed as I mismanaged my time.


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