2.3.2- Evaluation Of Tools And Methods Used For My Research

What were the aims of my research?

The aims of my research was to acquire information for my Interactive Poster.

The information I required was about football in Sheffield and it needed to include information on all three clubs.

I planned to use pictures and a survey to acquire my primary information to fill the 2 primary research methods. For my secondary research I planned to use google and twitter to fulfil the 2 secondary research slots.

How effective was my primary research?

My primary research was not very effective as the results on the survey were biased and therefore not a true representation of which club is better. Also, I have lost one of my pictures, meaning that the research is now incomplete. This method would have worked if i had been more organised. However I did get some decent results in how this sport in Sheffield has changed in the last ten years where it is going in the future. However I did receive some useful information from the survey which means that it was not completely useless.

How effective was my secondary research?

My secondary research was very effective as it gave me requisite information about the history of the sport and the clubs around it along with information about the clubs right now and the sport right now. I did this by searching on google. I didn’t have to search for long as it didn’t take me long to find the website that gave me good quality information. However, I failed to gain public opinion from twitter on the sport and the three clubs. This method might have worked if i had used specific hashtags and looked on the clubs twitter pages.

Did I get enough information?

I have enough information to complete my poster but I feel I can still acquire more information to increase the effectivity and comprehensiveness of my poster. Of the information I gathered, all of it is useful for my poster but I failed to obtain public opinion on the sport and clubs in Sheffield.

What went well and not so well?

Both my primary and secondary research  went well but they could have gone better. For example: I have acquired enough information and good information for my poster, but there are still some gaps. For example I could gained more information on public opinion by doing my secondary research better and my survey was biased.

What was the point in conducting all this research?

The rational for conducting this research was to give us first hand experience of researching for a project. It was also so that we can complete our Interactive Poster.

What ideas did these give me for my poster?

These gave me the idea of having 4 columns (1 for each club and 1 for the history of the sport) and links to archives and squad records from the clubs website.

If i was to do this again would i use the same methods?

I would use different methods for my primary research as it didn’t quite fulfil the requirements of what i needed and would therefore be better with different methods. i would use the same methods for my secondary research as the information I acquired sufficed and was sufficient to the requirements.


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