This is the final part of the exposure triangle and changing the ISO determines the quantity of light that the sensor is exposed to.

The higher the ISO, the more noise you will have on your image, which makes it grainy. The lower the ISO, the less noise your image will have, meaning that it is less grainy.


ISO 100

At ISO 100, the image is very clear but not much light is exposed to the sensor. There is not much noise.

This is the lowest ISO on the camera I used.


ISO 800

At ISO 800, the image has more noise in it and the sensor is exposed to a higher quantity of light.

This means that the image is more grainy




At ISO HIGH 1, the sensor is exposed to a very high quantity of light and the image will have more noise, making it more grainy.

This is the highest ISO on the camera I used



I was experimenting with exposure and these are some images that were taken. I don’t have my own because i accidentally deleted them.


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