Billy-Lee Dixon – The FA’s Disability Player Of The Year

Billy-Lee Dixon is currently studying Biology, P.E and Geography for his A-Levels at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School.

Billy has Cerebral Palsy but this doesn’t stop him doing what he loves.

He is currently the disability football player of year according to the FA.

Billy has just signed a sponsorship deal with Sportsaid.

He said: “they give me £750 a year so I can buy my football boots and take my football to the next level.”

Cerebral Palsy is a lifelong condition which affects movement and co-ordination and is caused by a problem with the brain that occurs before, during or shortly after birth.

The symptoms of CP are not visible  directly after a baby is born and usually become noticeable 2 or three years into a Childs life.

Symptoms can include: delays in development milestones, seeming too stiff or too floppy,  weak arms or legs, fidgety, jerky or clumsy movements, walking on tip toes and a range of other problems including swallowing difficulties.

There are many different camps, which are regional, and have different levels.

Starting with with the regional camps, they build up to the under 21’s England camp which Billy is currently attending.

Billy started at the age of 12 and moved up to the Emerging Talent Camp shortly after, which he says he attended for 2 years.

The next step for Billy is the England seniors which he is currently “training to work up to”

The camp give Billy a “specific training programme” which is accustomed to him specifically.

Billy is training hard each week in order to fulfil his dream of taking that next step up to the England seniors and he said: “we have to train 5 times a week at least”

He continued to say: “I’m doing 5 gym sessions and 2 practical sessions, which are setup by the FA”

“1 on 1 phycology sessions” are setup to to see how the players are getting on and whether they are coping with the camps.

Not everyone is as effected by CP as each other and Billy says that there are different classifications within the team.  “As of today, they are 5,6,7 and 8″

he continued to state how the different classifications are effected by Cerebral Palsy and said:”I come under classification 8 because I have a brain injury and only Cerebral Palsy in my left leg”

He explained that players in classification 5 are effected from the legs down and they are deemed as the most effected, players in classification 6 are effected in all 4 limbs, players in classification 7 are effected down one side only by Cerebral Palsy. Players in classification 8 like Billy are effected in all 4 limbs but not as badly as players in classification 5.

Billy told me that at all times there must be 2 players from classification 5 on the pitch, one from 6, one from 7 and 2 from 8 at an international tournament.

Billy started attending the camp at the level he is currently at 2 years ago and it was the opportunity for a “step up in the pathway that was in”





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  1. Ryan you have let your journalistic technique slip here. The feature doesn’t follow my guide and reads like a list of details in the beginning. You also have lots of grammar errors.
    The sourcing is good though and this has lots of potential.


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