7.1.1- Requirements And Parameters Of An Interactive Piece

What is an Interactive Media?

An Interactive Media is usually referred to a medium that is digital and responds to users actions by presenting different content such as: text, audio, moving image(GIF), animation, video and video games.  

An interactive media is a medium that contains other platforms of information to store a lot of information in a small space. These media include: Text, Video, Audio and Hyperlinks.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Interactive Media?

The advantages of an Interactive Media include a capacity to fit a large amount of information in a small space rather than a large amount of space used up in a magazine. This is particularly useful when reading about music as an interactive medium can show you the links between different genres of musics be it direct or indirect.

Other advantages include: the ability to have your say on current news events(BBC). Also, the abc news website and app embed videos into their stories, meaning you can choose which medium you would like to use. it also has page dedicated to the most popular news, meaning you canker up to date more easily.


Disadvantages include the need to have internet and a device that can connect to the internet on hand to view this medium. Also, you need to have a device with hardware and software that are powerful enough to run the website or app.


How is Interactivity used by journalists?

Interactivity in used in journalism to acquire a public opinion via social media or any other platforms and make more people in the public aware and interested in their piece as it offers many different mediums to choose from and therefore attracts a wider audience.  it is also used to fit more information in a smaller space by making links to other/ further information within information.



What is an Interactive poster?

Similar to printed posters, interactive posters use screens, links and and interactive techniques such as: rollover animations to enable users to find relevant materials within a larger body of information. Unlike websites, all the information is contained within the poster.


What are the benefits of an Interactive poster?

The benefits of an Interactive poster include the capacity to include large amounts of  information within a small body. Other advantages include the ability to embed other media into the poster such as: video, animation and audio, rather than just photo and writing.

What are the different ways of creating an interactive poster?

There are a few different ways of creating an interactive poster which include: InDesign, ThingLink and PiktoChart. Theses platforms give you the tools needed to create an interactive poster by adding text, links and other things.

What will be the them of my interactive poster?

My interactive poster will have the theme of football in Sheffield and will include information about all the football teams in Sheffield (Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield FC)

What will my research plan be?

My project is going to be an interactive poster about sport in Sheffield, Particularly Football, and most notably the “Steel City Derby.” This will include the history of the sport and other sports within the city.

This will involve links to images from archives and videos detailing past encounters between the 2 Sheffield football clubs and other sports clubs from the South Yorkshire city.

My target audience is 16-24 year olds and this means my language will not be limited to simple words and phrases.

What technical skills, software and resources will I need to complete my Interactive Poster?

For this I will need basic computer skills, InDesign software skills and possibly photography and video skills.

What production steps do I need to take and how long will I schedule my time?

To start I will do my secondary research using google, then gather the secondary research from social media such as: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I will then do some primary research if it is possible. After this, I will start to design my poster. I will schedule my time by doing an hour every Saturday for research and creation.

Are there any constraints or restrictions to consider?

There are a few constraints that I have to consider, for example, the rule of law restrains me from using other peoples images without paying (copyright law) and means I cannot be liable or be slanderous.


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  1. Hi Ryan

    Please add your own explanation of what interactive media are to that first section.
    Your section on how journalists use interactive media is incomplete e.g. you havn’t mentioned social media. In the last section you havn’t mentioned which law you are referred to0.


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