An elderly couple was held at gunpoint while two intruders forced them to hand over jewellery in the early hours of Monday morning.

At 2am Bob (86) and Sheila (79) Smyth who live on Windy Lane, Woodhouse were dragged from their bed and had their hands and feet tied up with electrical wires before Mrs Smyth had what police say was an imitation hand pistol held to her head until they revealed where the money was hidden.

The couple were keeping a stash of £500 in a cabinet at the side of the bed. The police are trying to gain further information on this matter and have urged anyone who knows anything to call the police incident room on 01142123456.

Daughter of the couple, Amanda Browne, said: “What makes it worse is that they took mum’s wedding ring, which has huge sentimental value as it was also my grandmother’s.”

The stolen jewellery consisted of a gold ring, antique necklace and diamond earrings. Police say that this incident is not being linked with any other crimes.

Detective Chief Inspector, Mick Robbins said: “This was an unprovoked and terrifying attack on two vulnerable pensioners, all for £500 cash and jewellery worth £1000.”

He also said: “I would like to personally appeal for information from anyone who may have seen two men loitering outside the couple’s house in the days before the robbery.”

Background information from the police reveals that the couple was found the following morning at 10am by a home help and were discovered to still be gagged and bound in the chairs.

The first robber was described as 5feet 9inches with ginger hair and has a stocky figure, while the second robber was described as 6foot tall with light brown hair and has a slim figure.




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