Unit 1- Image Research



These Photos are good examples of weather photos because they are showing clearly what the weather is and extremity of it. Despite not having a person in the photo on the left, it has houses showing that it is an inhabited area, showing that the weather is affecting the area. The photo on the right is a better example because it shows clearly the effects of the extreme weather with the person attempting to ride his bike through the flood.

The image on the left is sticking and eye-catching. It is also aesthetically pleasing but would not work as the front cover of a magazine or front page of newspaper as there isn’t any room for text or a headline. The image on the right is less striking, but is still aesthetically pleasing as it not only captures the struggle of man but also has shows the severity of the flood by capturing the street behind the man. This image would work for the front cover of a magazine or front page of a newspaper as it leaves space for text and/or a headline.







These images are very good examples of Environmental Portraits because they are of two sportspeople set in their field of practise. The Image on the left is of a Basketball player on a Basketball court, depicting where the person works. The image on the right is of a swimmer in a Swimming pool, also depicting where she works.

This makes them good examples because set ups a story involving these people and lets the reader know that the story is going tone about them.



These images are good examples of City Scene photography as it depicts the busyness of cities and clearly shows where the story is set. The image on the left is a busy street in New York, depicting how frantic the average day is in the city and this can st up a story about daily life in New York City.

The image on the right is of Town Square in New York at night. This is a good example because it is not only setting the scene, it is also depicting what life in New York is like at night. This sets up a story about a night out in New York City (the city that never sleeps)



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