Unit 1- Photojournalism


This image combined with the headline will sell the newspaper due to the shocking statement which is very slightly covered by the police hat which instantly reveals the corruption within the force. The frantic nature of the crowd in this image portrays the seriousness of the situation that is being reported. The statements in the bottom right also indicate the corruption in the police force over these events which will intrigue the public into what has been covered up. Several pages of this newspaper are solely about this story, which will enthuse the public to but the newspaper as they will realise the importance of the articles.


This image is an effective image as it striking and grabs the attention of the public as it is illustrating what the story is about. also, this being on the front page will persuade the public to but the newspaper as it is an important topic as the United States are a global super power and the story is about the presidential election results which effects the entire world and therefore is a hot topic all over, which is why the public have need for information on.




this front page is effective because Donald Trump has caused a lot of controvsersy since he formally announced he was running for presidency on June 16, 2015. having a story involving him or directly about him would create a lot of interest in that particular newspaper. the headline above has connotations of a disastrous first term in office and has cause a huge amount of uproar, which has seen his opposition grow drastic amounts of extra support. many predicted that he would not last as president and this headline combined with photograph suggests that their predictions are sustained. this creates a want for information to see if their prophecies are fulfilled.


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